How To Get Shit Done

  Abstract:   Before I say anything else: From today’s title, you may have noticed that I do use adult language occasionally! Just a fair warning in case that’s not your thing.   A lot of my Coaching clients feel they should be doing more and that they fall short somehow. It seems to be […]

Return To Wellbeing In 3 Steps

  Abstract:   When I first discovered the power of prioritising my passions, I spent some months in permanent bliss. I was constantly overflowing with joy, love, and I attracted amazing events and people back to me. Then life happened and I felt rather low for a while.   Only few people manage to be […]

2018 Is Your Year

  Abstract:   Can you believe half of the year is already over? How did six months fly past so quickly?   Many start out a new year with resolutions, others – like me – review the past year and set their goals for the new one. In all cases, the challenge can be to […]