Never Skip Self Care Again

Abstract: I once heard a colleage say that Self Care includes things like maintaining a positive mindset, or exercising and eating healthy. I agree that these things are all acts of caring for the self and they’re great. However, I’d argue against sub-summarising absolutely everything under the “Self Care” label. In my opinion, it’s far […]

The Secret To Loving Life

Abstract: “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.” -Kurt Vonnegut A client of mine, who’s now 60, used to think that her happiest moments were the times when her son did well in school and later finished college with distinction. Actually, what she […]

Are You In Control?

The late, great Stephen Covey said to focus on one’s “Circle of Influence”, which is the things we have direct control over. Basically, the Circle of Influence is our own lives and our own affairs, the way we react to certain situations and other people, what we think etc. Most people give a lot of […]