Make 2019 Your Year (Exact Steps Inside!)



Some people are happily making resolutions for the New Year, others are cynical. In fact, while resolutions are often unrealistic, setting goals is very effective, as studies show.

Your mission today is to get clear on whether you achieved what you wanted for 2018, and what to do to make 2019 your year.

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Task 1: Look back at your year


Think back to late 2017 or early 2018. If you have written goals from that time, take a moment to review them.

Write down what you achieved and plan a way of celebrating your successes. Also write down what’s in still a work in progress and determine your next steps.

Then note what you didn’t achieve, or gave up on this past year.

Task 2: Ingredients


Success is like cooking from a recipe. Look at the things you didn’t achieve in 2018 and check these goals against this list of “ingredients”. Which one was missing during your year?

  • A goal that excites you and makes you a little tingly (as opposed to, something you feel you “should” do or that someone else expects of you).
  • A supportive environment. Perfection isn’t necessary, but you need conducive circumstances – time, finances etc – that’ll support your goal.
  • Plenty of rest and time for self care.
  • Support for yourself.


Your Year
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Task 3: Make 2019 your year


Now it’s time to ensure that 2019 will truly be your year. Take a little time to write down a dream, a vision of your life. Don’t worry if it isn’t “realistic”. If it would make you happy, write it down.

Then determine what you can do now to move closer to that dream. Organise it into goals, using the ingredients list from task 2.

If you do this without skipping a single step, and review regularly throughout the year, you’ll be flying by this time next year.