I’m off work for a week, and I’m radically pursuing things I love – a new free training for Wild Spirits Coaching, meeting lovely friends, getting a tattoo, and going camping with my swordfighting club at the weekend (sooo looking forward to that! Expect videos!). Therefore, I’m not really sending out a newsletter this week. Instead, I have something else for you: a love letter.

You see, the problem with talking about love is that it almost inevitably sounds cheesy, whatever you say or write. Love is probably the most over-used word, the most clicheed, abused concept in the history of the world. I don’t know about you, but I almost cringe a little inside when I hear the word.

And yet… and yet.

The annoying thing about love is that its clichees are actually all true. Love really IS the answer to pretty much every issue. The problem isn’t fixed yet? Pour more love on it. Feeling off? Practise self-love and love others.


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