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Wild Spirits – Who are the people I work with?


Wild Spirits don’t belong into the world of just paying bills and getting by. They can’t shake the feeling that there must be more to life than working and then spending the rest of their time in front of the TV or online from sheer overwhlem. In love with beauty and nature, they’re independent free thinkers.

Wild Spirits live in all corners of the world and come in every possible gender, shape, and colour, spirituality/faith, gender, sexual orientation… I’m so privileged to get to work with the full beautiful range of human expression.

What they all have in common is that they want to wake up every morning filled with joy and purpose. To pursue their passion, or multiple passions, creating, studying, or teaching… Without guilt, without neglecting anyone, without financial worries. No more conforming or dreading Mondays.

The time has come to focus on what matters. I help them make their passions the number one priority in life. I’m a Wild Spirit too, as well as a trained and experienced Coach, and my own purpose is to help others thrive.

About me

Wild Spirits - Coach

My name is Sibylle (pronouns: she/her). I live an enchanted life in Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries I know. It’s also my fifth country! I only moved here in 2020, after spending most of my adult life in my soul’s home, Ireland.

I’m an agent of change: What I do best is fall in love with people and bring them in touch with their passion(s) and their unique life purpose. At some point I realised that Coaching makes great use of this gift. I started studying and got my “Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching”.

Ever since, I’ve worked with fellow Wild Spirits from all over the planet.

If you’d like to learn more about me, here’s a bit of background:

My Story


Years ago, my life was very different. I struggled with depression and ended up with a mountain of debt. Then I spent over a decade using every cent I earned to pay back my dues (I was never interested in a write-off).

It was embarrassing, painful and isolating. I didn’t even have money to go for a cup of tea most of the time. And yet, it was also a blessing, because I got my shit together. I had to. I read every money book I could get my hands on, visited workshops and learned to manage my wild money with joy.

One day, I’d paid off the debt. I downsized my life, quit the stressful, soul-eating job and got a lovely work-from-home role. I made less money, but you can’t put a price tag on quality of life! It also gave me space to build up my Coaching business, and a few years later, I was able to give up the job and live on my self-employed income alone.

I reconnected with friends and made new ones. But what’s even more important is the freedom to pursue my passions, which makes me so happy!

I get to empower Wild Spirits and share my message. I spend weekends roaming the woods doing archery, or dancing or practising the piano or hugging friends… Days are adventures, and while they’re not all blissful, the joy is never far off. That’s what life’s all about, and we all deserve to feel this way. It’s our sacred birthright.