4 Ways To Get Into Action Mode



It’s no secret that I adore Steven Pressfield. If you haven’t read The War of Art, Do the Work or his latest, Turning Pro yet, go and get them! They’re huge eye-openers and very actionable loving kicks-in-the-butt to get you going on what lights you up.

There’s one sentence in particular from Turning Pro that I’ve underlined five times in my copy: “The sure sign of an amateur is he has a million plans and they all start tomorrow.” Hands up who knows this phenomenon?

Your mission today is to break out of inertia and get into action mode.

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Task 1: Understand it’s not about how good you are


Here’s what “pro” doesn’t mean: It doesn’t mean that you have to make your passion your profession or business. You needn’t earn your living with it. Whilst this is definitely possible – and if it’s your dream, I’m cheering you on all the way – it’s not what “turning pro” refers to.

What does it refer to? Your attitude. It’s what I mean when I tell you to prioritise your passion. We have usefulness drummed into us from childhood, so if something isn’t any “use” in terms of making money, it automatically becomes an afterthought.

This idea is destroying our happiness.

Action Mode
Photo by nikidinov on pixabay.com


Task 2: Get into action mode


Your passion is what lights you up and also lights the way to your purpose. It deserves a “pro” attitude. Here are four ways to get there:

  1. Calculate how much time you spend on unnecessary things every day (social media, pleasing others, things you’d rather not do or could outsource). Eliminate these things.
  2. Get coaching. Seriously. Nothing gets you into action mode faster.
  3. Do one thing for your passion today. Just one. But it has to be today. As a bonus, schedule this step in your calendar.
  4. Find others who share your passion.


Make a decision, right now, that you’re a pro at your passion(s). And then start.