How To Align Your Finances With Your Values



Money still seems to have an “ick” factor for many of us. We associate riches with being materialistic and unspiritual, and in many cases, with being unscrupulous and exploitative.

What’s it got to do with you? The thing is, money tends to enhance who you are already. In order to get more, it helps to make sure you’ll “become more of” something you like being.

Your mission today is to align your finances with your values.

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Task 1: What are your values?


I’ve spoken about this subject before, so I’ll keep it fairly brief. Unlike beliefs, which are learned and can be changed, values are the unchangeable core of your very being. They make you who you are.

To find your top 5 values, I recommend downloading this free worksheet. Begin by highlighting every value that you think applies to you, spontaneously and without thinking about it too much. Then go deeper and use the knock-out system until you’re left with about 5 top values.

align finances with values

Task 2: Align your finances with your values


Next, look at where your money is going and check whether this is in alignment with your values. This is of course unique to you and your values! To make it a little less abstract, I’ll give you examples from my own finances:

  • One of my values is fairness and equality, and so I don’t invest in exploitative companies. My investments are in a “green fund” instead.
  • I have almost completely stopped buying clothes from shops. I buy handmade things from individuals with a passion for sawing and/or knitting on Etsy.

Am I perfect? Definitely not. But even adjusting parts of your spending and investing to match what you believe in, makes a big difference. More examples are fair-trade chocolate or coffee, ecologically friendly cleaning products and local fruit and veg rather than imported varieties.

Feeling good about what you do with your money can make a huge difference. It shifts your entire attitude and makes you more receptive to more abundance at the same time.