How To Avoid Going Broke This Christmas



The festive season lies ahead. It’s a time of love and giving, but in our day and age, it can sometimes turn into a consumerist nightmare instead. We feel under pressure to buy expensive presents and often end up stressed, exhausted – and broke.

People have suggested to me that I could come to a “no gifts” agreement with my loved ones. However, I’d miss the energy exchange of giving and receiving, and so I’ve put together three alternative ways of gifting.

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1. Set a limit


You could either agree on a spending limit, such as 20 bucks per present, or you could agree on a particular kind of present. For example, set a “no buying” rule so you’ll all have to create something instead.

This could be anything from a story you write, to a painting, or baked goods. Your gift will be infused with your creative energy.

2. Give experiences


A candlelit, home-cooked dinner for your best friend could turn into a memorable evening of talking and laughing together for hours. An older relative might appreciate a day-tour by car. You could be tourists together in your neighbouring town.

Time is one of the most valuable things you can give these days. Everyone is always rushed off their feet, so quality time is a beautiful gift.

Avoid going broke this Christmas
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3. Give to others


Your loved ones and you could agree to give your time to a worthy cause together. There are many options, for example homeless shelters, who always need helping hands, especially so at Christmas. Animal shelters are at their busiest after the holidays and are grateful for any helping hand.

Lastly, don’t forget yourself. Give yourself the gift of no stress. Make sure you’ll be able to enjoy the love and the giving – which is what the season is all about.