3 Steps To Beat Laziness



I’ve spoken about this before, but it remains relevant: People don’t exercise, don’t pursue their passion, don’t eat healthy, and invariably they think they’re lazy.

Trust me, laziness has nothing to do with it.

Your mission today is to learn a surefire way of getting shit done (and never beating yourself up again!).

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Task 1: Planning is good


Here’s a secret: Laziness doesn’t exist. What we call lazy is a lack of motivation for a very good reason. In our day and age, that reason is mostly overwhelm from feeling too many demands on your time.

Especially creative types resist planning anything. But planning means setting yourself up for success, and if your ability to be creative at all depends on it, isn’t it worth a try?

Learn to use your smartphone calendar. Part of your morning routine should be to overview the day ahead. Remember any appointments and put alerts in place so you won’t forget.

Planning is half the battle, as the next task will show.

Task 2: Prioritise


Every morning as you review your day, pick one or two priorities. This is stuff you absolutely must get done. You may protest that there are a dozen more things you can’t skip, and you may be right, for example if you need to drive your kids to school.

In that case, distinguish between chores and tasks. Your tasks are the things that need to get done but aren’t everyday chores like housework and being there for your family.

Pick a maximum of two. Trust me on this.

beat laziness
Picture by Bruce Mars on unsplash.com


Task 3: Realise that it’s not laziness


Even if you’re extremely unmotivated that day, you can always get the one thing done that you chose to set as your priority. Even two things should be okay.

Once this has been accomplished, you’re done. Don’t cheat yourself by expecting more. Of course you’re allowed to do more, but getting the one or two priorities out of the way is all that’s required.

See? You’re not lazy after all!