Vlog 2: Looking For A House In Croatia


A House In Croatia


The second vlog episode is here! This time I’ve got big news, so there’s a lot of excitement (as the title states, it follows me as I’m looking for a house in Croatia).

Just like last time, there’s also beautiful footage of Croatian scenery, both in video clips and individual photos. And since it’s Easter, I also introduce you to an Easter specialty Croatians love.

I won’t write any more in this summary, because it’s difficult to tease the content any further without actually giving it away. Just go and watch it already, either above or on YouTube!

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a house in Croatia

Can – And Should – You Feel Motivated Every Day?



Some years ago, I discovered the power of centering my life around my passions. I felt more inspired and motivated than ever, and I was outrageously happy.

These days, whenever I’m not quite feeling it and elect to have a cosy day at home, some people smirk a little. “What happened to your joy and passion?” they ask, implying that because I’ve figured out the secret to happiness, I should be happy pretty much permanently.

Your mission is to learn why you can’t – and shouldn’t! – be motivated every day, and how to maximise your happiness.

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Task 1: Motivated every day?


It’s a myth that some people are feeling great all the time. Unfortunately, this myth is widely believed. Along with it goes a feeling of failure whenever we’re not super motivated and inspired.

You’re human. Experiencing every human emotion, even feeling tired and unmotivated, isn’t a failure, it’s part of the package. Even understanding this, it can be hard not to feel bad about, well, feeling bad sometimes. Consciously practice letting yourself off the hook.

Nobody is motivated every day. That’s a good thing, in a way, because we all need breaks and rest, too. Listen to your needs and fulfil them as much as you can.

motivated every day

Task 2: Maximise your joy and happiness


You can’t always be on your top game, but you can certainly maximise the time you feel great. Here are three ways to do that:

Plan for regular downtime. Don’t wait until you run out of motivation. You can burn out on your passions, too! Therefore, plan regular time for self-care and time for rest.

Make your passions accessible. Don’t keep your crafting materials on the upper shelf or your workout things in the attic – have them handy and prioritise your passions-time.

Keep your passions fresh. Regularly try new things or do courses, and connect with others. Even the greatest passion can get stale if you never vary your approach.

3 Things That Keep You Stuck And Feeling Bad About Yourself

feeling bad about yourself

“If you do not change direction, you might end up where you’re headed.” -Unknown (often falsely attributed to Lao Tzu)

Everyone I talk to, seems to be convinced that they’re the only person on the planet who doesn’t have their sh*t together. Because everyone else seems so happy and in control (Instagram pictures don’t lie, right? Right??), they’re deeply ashamed of their own struggles.

It’s just not true! Everyone struggles and feels powerless sometimes, especially in the face of things we would like to change in our lives.

There are, however, ways to make change easier. They’re not always the flashiest or most glamorous techniques, but if they cause our lives to improve in exactly the way we choose, wouldn’t they be worth looking at?

The following are three tried-and-tested techniques to get out of your own way and stop feeling awful. One caveat before I begin: Reading this article isn’t going to change anything. Only implementing the steps I describe, will make a difference.

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Things that keep you stuck #1: Your all-or-nothing attitude keeps you feeling bad about yourself


If you’ve ever been on a weight-loss diet, you’re probably familiar with this one. You’re doing the first week according to plan and lose a few pounds. Fantastic! The next week you’re invited to a party. Halfway through the evening, you crack and eat a bowl of potato salad. Then you think: “It’s all ruined now anyway!” and proceed to also eat barbecue, finger food, and generous helpings of dessert.

If you’d stuck to just the potato salad, it would have been no big deal. It’s because you felt that once you’d broken your “winning streak” of perfection, nothing mattered anymore, that you went on that binge and probably ended up gaining back all the weight you’d lost up to then.

I have a bit of a dramatic streak and therefore, I love sweeping changes. Nothing inspires me more than making plans and writing lists and imagining exactly how I’ll do everything perfectly from now on. It just sounds so tempting! However, it doesn’t matter if this is about food, exercise, passions, or anything else – it’s doomed to fail.

In contrast, the way I established a routine of practising the piano after 15 years without a piano, was by making room for 15 minutes a day, which gradually expanded to take up more time. Whenever I don’t feel like practising, I go back to the 15 minutes.

Do you understand? The idea is baby steps. You can do anything in small increments. 10 minutes of dusting the bookshelves is better than no dusting at all. One healthy meal a day is better than none. Sending a quick message to a friend is better than no contact whatsoever.

“Go big or go home” is one of the worst, most damaging sayings I know. Throw it out the window and introduce 5 or 10 minutes of change every day. A month from now, you won’t know yourself.

Picture by Fernando Jorge on unsplash.com


Things that keep you stuck #2: Trying to do too much


One of the things I often ask my clients to do, is to look for inspiration from historical figures. Almost every art, field of study or discipline has seen a few giants in the past, who achieved unimaginable triumphs or created great works of art.

There’s no doubt that they were great minds and strong characters – but they also had support. Most of these creators – men, mostly, because women weren’t supposed to be artists or inventors – relied on wives (or mothers) and/or servants to look after their every need.

A poet of the nineteenth century certainly laboured over their words, but d’you know what they didn’t do? Wash their owns clothes (or their dishes), cook their own meals, clean their homes, go to yoga, pick up the children from school, attend parent-teacher-conferences, go to the bake sale, buy fresh fruit and veg from the farmers market, …

I don’t mean to diminish their achievements. What I’m saying is that maybe you should stop feeling bad about yourself for not composing operas when even Mozart, who often had financial problems, had a wife and servants to look after his many kids so that he could compose, conduct, rehearse, and generally be a full-time musical genius.

What can you do now, in the 21st century?

  1. Radically simplify your life and kick out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for your survival or your family’s.
  2. Look for help. I don’t know why it’s so frowned upon these days to get a cleaner at least once or twice a month. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it is very much worth the reduction of your stress levels.

We may be used to multi-tasking by now, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for us. The more you simplify and focus, the more those few focused activities will thrive. As a bonus, you’ll feel at peace and good about yourself.

Things that keep you stuck #3: Responding with more control instead of more ease


Life is unpredictable and even the most organised people sometimes face unforeseen circumstances. When things go wrong, or even if they simply don’t go the way we expected them to go, our first impulse is to tighten our grip. We try to regain a sense of security by controlling things. Nine times out of ten, these attempts fail spectacularly.

Why is responding with control a bad idea?

  1. It adds stress. Unforeseen events are unsettling enough on their own. Rather than calming us, trying to exert control just serves to make us more tense and add more pressure.
  2. It’s futile. Life has a habit of being larger than any single one of us. We can’t possibly control its eventualities. Sh*t happens, as they say. Imagine you’re swimming in a sea and suddenly there are a number of mighty, rolling waves. Are you going to frantically scream at the sea to be calm, or would it be better to allow yourself to be carried up and down by the waves until they subside?
  3. It redirects your focus. The only thing – or rather, person – you have control over, is yourself. You can’t dictate all the circumstances but you can choose your reaction to them. That’s what you should focus on; that’s the area that deserves your effort and energies.

Instead, when you feel like life has dropped you into the quicksand, let go. Respond with ease. Depending on the situation, do whatever is appropriate out of the following:

  • look where you can help
  • look after yourself
  • see the funny side
  • be prepared to be flexible and change your plans.

Life happening is the norm, rather than the exception. Learn to “ride out the waves” with grace and ease, and you may eventually even find joy in the process.

How To Handle The Flood Of Knowledge



I recently read about „knowledge management”, which is becoming increasingly important in organisations and companies. They have lots of information, but how can they make it accessible to the people who need it at the right time?

It got me thinking: The same issue applies on the individual level. We can find out and learn almost everything online these days, but how do we handle it all?

Your mission today is to learn how do we manage the flood of knowledge and utilise it for your passion.

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Task 1: All-rounder or specialist?


The question is now, should you niche down and specialise or attempt a good general knowledge? The answer is as individual as each of us.

A multi-passionate will probably have knowledge of several areas, but maybe none of them as in-depth as someone who specialises on just one thing. Both these types of people have a place in society; both are needed. Find out what suits you and don’t try to force anything.

flood of knowledge

Photo by Meelika Marzzarella on unsplash.com


Task 2: Handle the flood of knowledge


Keeping an open mind to knowledge from different areas never hurts, but if you want to niche down, then obviously focus on that one subject which lights you up. But how to keep track of all the information?

Especially when it comes to our passions, it can be awful to lose a bit of valuable information because we either didn’t keep it or don’t know where it is. It’s useful to develop a sort of system for this. Ideas include:

  • Keep a notebook where you can jot down ideas.
  • On a certain date once a month, sort those notes into documents on your computer.
  • Keep a calendar. You’ll remember things better if your brain isn’t cluttered with trying to remember when you need to go to the dentist!

Now you have the information at your fingertips, determine which one thing (or two) you’ll focus on for the coming month. A month later, re-assess.

Vlog 1: From Ireland To Croatia


From Ireland to Croatia


Here’s a new type of content for this blog: A vlog! I’ll post one of these every month from now on. You’ll still get two monthly “mission” videos and a longer article as well.

In this first edition, I show you beautiful footage from both my old home and the new one, halfway across Europe from Ireland to Croatia. I also tell you what made me leave Ireland, and talk about my passions and the life I’m building here.

Enjoy! If you’d like to follow this page on YouTube, you can subscribe to my channel.

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From Ireland to Croatia