How To Use Your Body Signals As Guidance



Life can be hectic. By the end of some days, we’re so frazzled, we don’t know where our keys are, never mind our purpose. That’s a shame because we possess an unfailing compass. Harnessed correctly, it can help you course-correct and find your feet in seconds.

Your mission today is to learn how to use body signals as guidance.

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Task 1: Stop missing the broad hints


Imagine you have someone’s best interests in mind. You see them stumbling and taking wrong turns, and you shout: “Yoo-hoo! Over here! Let me just show you…,” but they keep ignoring you.

That’s how our bodies feel about us.

Think about a decision, either a recent one or one you’re facing now. Take a deep breath and consciously ask your body what you should do. Be patient; it might take a while, but eventually you will feel distinctly what the decision should be.

Task 2: Look into NLP


You don’t need to become a master practitioner, but NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can really pay off. Look it up online, read a book or two or even do a course. Among many other things, it teaches you to utilise your body signals as guidance, to help with your everyday life.

Want a taster? If you can’t decide between several options – such as the price to ask for something you’re selling – write your options on different pieces of paper and lay them out across the floor. Stand on each piece of paper in turn. Your will know which option is right for you.

body signals as guidance
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Task 3: Body signals as guidance on the go


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Most stress comes from our minds jumping ahead into the future, or alternatively dwelling on past occurrences. In contrast, our bodies are always in the present moment. Use this fact.

Take a deep breath and do a quick mindfulness scan of your body. Ease any tension, drop your shoulders. Acknowledge tiredness or tingling. Act on any urgent body signals, and then go about your business again.