Were You Born For This?



When I was still stuck in my soul-eating job, I was feeling okay most of the time. The issue was that I wasn’t joyful or pursuing my passions.

You mission today is to find out if you were born for this life you’re leading.

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1. Task: How do you spend your time?


Write down how many hours you spend per week:

  • doing things you hate.
  • performing tasks you don’t mind but which aren’t your passion.
  • doing what lights you up.


Task 2a: If you spend the majority of your time doing something you hate


This is a serious red flag and could harm your mental and even physical health. You need to cut and run. Your task is to find a way to break free from this.

Reach out if you need support. I can recommend coaching colleagues who specialise in this.

Task 2b: If you’re already spending most of your time doing what lights you up


Congratulations, you’re doing something right! You were definitely born for this.

Now work out the kinks, such as finding even more space for your passion. Is there something else you’ve been neglecting? Look for ways to remedy this without sacrificing what you love doing.

Were you born for this?
Photo by Volha Flaxeco on unsplash.com


Task 2c: If you spend the majority of your time doing tasks you don’t mind, but which don’t light you up.


In a way, this can be the biggest challenge. Just like me when I was still in that job, you may not feel the need to make changes. It doesn’t seem worth the effort, so get some support from a coach.

This is important. You’re not here to just get by, you’re here to light up the world with joy and love.

3. Task: Let me know


Your last task is to reply to the newsletter email and let me know which category you’re in, and what steps you’re going to take next. Take action!