What does “the Wild” mean to you?

A lot of people actually have negative associations. Remember the movie “Wild at Heart”? Not a nice view on what “wild” means at all. I considered these things when I rebranded my business, but in the end I realised that if “wild” means something beautiful and empowering to me, it would be likely to attract clients who resonate with me.

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of the Wild for many years, which you’ll know if you’ve ever looked at the articles section of my personal website. I also asked many friends to give me their own definitions. In the following, I’ll give you a list of the most frequent associations, and how they can apply to you and your own life. As always, not all of it will be relevant to you so simply take what sings to you and leave the rest.

The terms in question are: Free, exuberant, whole, unashamed.

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