Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

I love watching old-timey movies from the 1940s. They’re like visions from an enchanted fairy-tale land where people would celebrate life. Women looked impossibly glamorous and men were well-groomed and gallant. I certainly have no desire to go back to the antiquated gender roles and societal inequality of those days, but I often wish I could be half as glamorous.

Of course, in real life I could never work up the enthusiasm to go to all that trouble on a daily basis. Occasionally I love dressing up and making an effort, but most of the time I have more important things to think about.

Dress and make-up aren’t the only ways to make oneself feel glamorous, though. There are many small things you can do to spice up every day. Getting things done is admirable, but I firmly believe that life’s about being joyful and excited; after all, what’s the point of all the effort if you don’t get the pleasure from it?

Here are some suggestions on how to create that tingly feeling which makes your life feel special and glamorous.

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Celebrate Life


Oftentimes, when I ask a client to tell me about their recent successes, they stumble and have a hard time coming up with anything. When I probe a little more, it turns out they threw their friend a suprise party, got their kids ready and to school on time for a week whilst battling the flu, or finished a project at work.

Some of your accomplishments will be large and some will seem small to you. The point is that everything you do and complete, is a success. Even something you don’t complete may be, if you learned from it and decided it wasn’t for you (clarity definitely counts as a success!). Look more closely and acknowledge all you do on a daily basis.

Find your successes and then celebrate the sh*t out of them. Reward yourself with a foam bath, an evening with your bestie, or that pretty scarf you’ve been eyeing. Getting into the habit of celebrating successes also sets the best example for your kids. They passed that dreaded, difficult test in school? Take them out to the movies, or simply spend a cosy evening with them at home to celebrate life.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, either – you just need to be creative. Dancing to your favourite music in candlelight can make an ordinary evening feel special. Burn some incense to make the entire house smell festive. Go out even just for a cup of coffee with a friend breaks up the monotony of the working week. Life is pretty wonderful, once you start thinking about it, so celebrate!

Glam Care


Move over, Self Care, I’ve just invented the new and improved “Glam Care”! In many ways it’s the same thing, except that Glam Care makes you feel like a million dollars. We aren’t in the habit of making an effort for ourselves, so create a special occasion, just because.

You could have a date with yourself. Got nobody to see that concert with you? Go alone, ignore any funny looks from others (I promise, most people won’t even notice in any case), celebrate life and have fun.

If you’re staying at home, take one evening to pretend you’re your own special guest. Imagine you had your best friend over or the person you’re deeply in love with. It’s their birthday and you’re making them a special 3-course dinner at a beautifully set table, bathed in candlelight and with soft music playing. If your vision includes a cake, by all means get that, too! If you think your friend deserves the effort, then you definitely do as well.



Life can turn us way too serious at times and laughter can be medicine. Try this especially when you’re annoyed about something. Obviously, if your anger is justified, do something to change the situation; but have you noticed how a lot of the time, we just steam silently and never do anything? In some cases, it’s out of our hands altogether.

Take a good long look at the situation and ask yourself how much this will matter a year from now. Then note your flustered indignation, and if you can find it in yourself, laugh at your own grumpy face. It can be a huge relief! I’ve often been able to move on from some silly annoyance after being able to laugh about it.

Again, this is not to belittle your troubles or teach you to ignore them. It’s about the things we get worked up about that aren’t worth it or are out of our control. Life’s too short to get worry wrinkles over things we can’t change, so laugh and marvel at your colourful life.