How To Actually Change Your Life



Statistics on people who set out to make a big change, are discouraging. Turns out you can set out to change your life with the best intentions, and still fail at making it last.

I’m one of the few who managed to implement changes in the long term, more than once in my life. I’m not superhuman nor do I have above-average willpower (on the contrary), I simply know an approach that works.

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Which type is you?


When it comes to change, there are two types of people. The first type gets all enthusiastic, implements dramatic, sweeping changes all at once, and eventually can’t keep it up.

The other type knows they need to change something, they want the change, but get so overwhelmed by this enormous task that they go into limbo and end up not changing anything.

Then there’s a third, small group of people who successfully change their lives. What are they doing differently?

Change your life
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The change formula


The successful way to change your life has two parts:

  1. One small change a day. Start by writing down your desired big change. Then break it down into baby steps and never plan more than a week ahead. If you’d like to eat better, do something small and repeat that small daily step until it’s a habit. Then tackle the next change, and so forth.
  2. Get support. It’s not true you have no willpower, it’s genuinely hard to be consistent and change your life in our hectic modern times. Find a group of people working on the same goal, like an online community. Get coaching. Buddy up with a friend. Whatever works for you, do it, and don’t think you can do it all on your own.


Put a reminder into your calendar three months from now. At that point, take stock – you’ll be surprised to see how far these tiny daily changes have taken you!