How To Charge Money For Your Passion



Disclaimer first: I always emphasise that you can prioritise your passion(s) even if you’re only a beginner or simply don’t want to ever make money from them. That’s still true.

However, a lot of Wild Spirits do dream of making their passion their income or business. Most of them have no idea where to start, and the internet is full of “how to make money doing what you love with no preparation and no investment!” type of scams.

Your mission is to learn how to turn your passion into profits.

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Task 1: Sort out your mindset


Attitude is everything in business. Even if you work online, it’s as though people can smell if you’re not sure about yourself. Best to get a few things straight from the start:

  • You absolutely deserve to be paid for what you contribute.
  • Realise that it’s really about an exchange of energy: your passion for money.
  • Do some market research to get an idea of what others are charging.

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Task 2: Be ready to invest


50 years ago, you needed money for premises, staff, stock, etc. to start a business. These days we can work from home and online, whether we’re selling arts and crafts or provide a service.

It’s a lot cheaper, but it’s not free. A website alone doesn’t get you customers; you need money for marketing/advertising, and most of all you need to learn how to spend that money, or you’ll end up wasting a fortune.

I’m not an affiliate of Maire Forleo’s B-School, so I can recommend it without bias. It’s the best program around! To get started, you have to sign up early in the year (it usually starts in March).

If you’re broke, look into my Wild Money program. And if you’re too broke for that too, download the free “10 Ways To Get Money For Anything, Fast” cheat sheet on the same page.