Closing Off 2020 (Part 1/2)



I can already hear you say: Good riddance! Let’s just get rid of 2020 and move on.” Others question whether I should do a review at all.

I believe that it’s even more important in a challenging year like this one, to come to terms with it and close it off. That way, you can set yourself up for a beautiful 2021.

As always, this process has two parts: The 2020 review today and setting yourself up for 2021 in two weeks’ time (early January). Your mission today is to close off 2020 for yourself.

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Task 1: Define achievement


On social media, I’ve seen people question the need for a review of 2020 altogether. “Don’t ask me for my achievements – even getting through this year is an achievement!” they say.

My reply: Exactly.

We need to stop looking only at material “success” in terms of money or jobs. Struggling with physical or mental health is an achievement. Getting to the end of a challenging year like 2020 is an achievement. Please keep this in mind when you do Task 2.

closing off 2020
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Task 2: Closing off 2020 – the year review


It’s time for the actual review. Please set aside some time, get comfortable and get something to write. The process is:

1. Write down what went well
There were definitely a few good things this year as well! Write it all down. Also remember Task 1 and include the fact that you have got this far.

2. Write down what didn’t go well
Get it all on paper and be sure to feel the feelings associated with these things. Feel the pain, the anger, the mourning, the frustration.

3. Let it go
Once you’re done with the “feeling” part, take the 2nd piece of paper and either burn it (be safe though!) or tear it up and throw it into a flowing water like a river. Feel it all being washed away or going up in smoke.