Why You Should Stay Within Your Comfort Zone



Wait, what? Isn’t Coaching about helping you to do the thing you’re scared of?

In part, that’s true, but there’s a point where we become so conditioned to seeking discomfort, we no longer know how to enjoy and be happy. Let’s pick this apart and find the golden medium for you.

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Task 1: Which Comfort Zone is yours?


Here are a few examples of different types of comfort zones.

Introverts: Depend on their comfort zone to function, to recover from human interaction.

HSPs: Similar to introverts, they need to calm their overstimulated minds, and also their physical bodies, to avoid burnout.

Literal comfort: You have a decent home, a decent income, decent relationships, not much to strive for. That’s the dangerous one and could signal that you need a little push.

Now think of whether you spend enough time in your comfort zone, or whether you got a little too comfortable. Where do you stand right now?

Task 2: If you need more comfort in your life


Signs: Lack of sleep, feeling nervous, unable to sit still and do nothing (try it for 10 minutes!), short temper, inability to relax.

Remedy: Self care. This means actually caring for your Self, not piling up more to-dos! If you crave hot chocolate, then that’s your self care.

comfort zone
Photo by Katerina Kerdi on unsplash.com


Task 3: If you need to get out of your comfort zone


Signs: You haven’t done anything for the first time in a long time, you haven’t made new friends in the past year, you haven’t been pursuing your passion in more than a week.

Remedy: Enlist a coach. Change up your routine. Sign up for a course. Join a group or club and meet new people. Do one thing you’re scared of.

Balance the comfort you need and deserve with the joy and excitement of the new. The secret to a joyful life is constantly reviewing and adjusting this process.