What Are You Actually Committed To?



Years ago, my Coach asked me what I was committed to. My answer was: Living my best life, being joyful… But it wasn’t true. This was the time when I was still paying back my debts, and I was working all hours and had no time, money or energy for fun or much social interaction.

My Coach pointed out that my only commitment was paying back my debts. This wasn’t good or bad, but it forced me to change my perception. Knowing what you’re committed to is the first step to being able to make changes.

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Task 1: Study your results


Your current life is the best indicator of what your commitments are. A little caveat: To an extent, what’s manifest in the present is always a result of past commitments, rather than present ones. However, the “past” could be as recent as last week.

Look at how you spend your time, but also where your energy lies. What do you think about and focus on? This can give you a good idea of where your commitment actually is.

Task 2: Correct your commitments


Ask yourself if your current situation is where you want to be. If so, congratulations, keep doing what you’re doing.

If not, then now’s the time to make adjustments. Write down what you’d like more of or less of. Don’t worry how you’re going to get there, just note what you wish was different.

Next, figure out a way to implement these adjustments. Consider Coaching or another form of support, because it’s very hard to stick these things out on your own.

What are you committed to?

Task 3: Paint your ideal picture


Where would you like your focus to be? This can be one or several things, but make it realistic (don’t overcommit yourself).

Now you only need to put it into practice and work on adjusting your commitments. Once you’ve done this, your results will change automatically.