How To De-Frazzle Your Brain, So You Can Concentrate Again


3 Steps To Be Able To Concentrate again


This is a special edition of Wild Spirits News – I have decided to temporarily discontinue the usual weekly mission videos (there will be one next week, but it has a special relevance), because it just felt off to continue as though nothing had happened. It has, and what has happened affects most people on this planet.

Instead, I’m providing my Wild Spirits community with as much in terms of free resources and help as I can. Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve got so far.

Resources for you


  1. Weekly virtual gatherings to practice human connection, now that most of us are stuck in some form of isolation, or at least have far reduced our social contacts. The next one is on Thursday, 26. March, at 8 pm UK/Ireland time, which is 9 pm in middle Europe, 4 pm on the US East coast and 1 pm on the West coast. At that time, you can join the meeting through this link.

  3. Most of the support happens via my weekly love letter, aka newsletter, for which you can sign up here (100% spam free!):

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  5. A few days ago, I went live on Facebook with advice on how to focus in this new, never-seen-before situation we’re currently in. I’d heard from so many Wild Spirits that they can’t concentrate on anything these days. I know what you mean!

    People have told me they found my 3 steps wildly useful, so I’ve uploaded the video here as well – see above. It’s not as structured as your usual weekly “missions”, but it’s to the point. I hope with all my heart that they’ll help.

  6. I’ve freed up more speaces for Coaching. My clients came to me to concentrate on their passion, and now they also benefit from the one-on-one support in times of COVID-19.


Stay safe and stay healthy. And if you can find the time at all, pursue your passion more than ever in these crazy times.