Doing The Work

Back in the “supermodels” era in the early 90s, Cindy Crawford was asked by one interviewer, whether she felt lucky to be so beautiful. Crawford replied along the lines of: “Genetics only play a small part. Don’t you realise I work 8-10 hours a day to look like this?”

I often remember this when people comment on how “lucky” I am to be such a positive, happy person. Really it’s nothing to do with luck, it’s continuous work, vigilant selection of the input I’m allowing into my brain, active clearing up of negativity, lots of Self Care, and working on processing my emotions. I get sad, frustrated, and morose just as much as anyone else; more than some, actually, because of my high sensitivity and intense emotions.

At times, I have succumbed to negativity so I know how easily it can happen. The conclusion from this is not, however, that being positive is very hard. True, it requires discipline and continous work, but this work is fairly easy to do.

Why, then, aren’t there more people doing it? Because it’s just as easy NOT to do it.

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