What To Do If You Don’t Know Your Passion



People often tell me they don’t think they even have a passion. This happened so often, I started offering an affordable once-off session to help people find their passion, and I know for a fact that everyone has at least one.

It’s not your fault if you haven’t identified – yet – what lights you up. Your mission today is to learn what to do if you don’t know your passion.

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Task 1: Learn what a passion is


One reason why you might not know your passion is that you’re looking for the wrong thing. Maybe you assume that a passion needs to be something you’re innately talented at, that you’re very good at, and that you’ll turn into your source of income.

But that’s not what passion is about. You’re forgiven for thinking so – the internet is full of people promising to teach you how to turn your passion into a business, and there’s nothing wrong if you want to do this. However, the definition of a passion is simply something that lights you up. Follow the joy – nothing else.

don't know your passion

Task 2: If you don’t know your passion


Another reason why you might not know your passion is that you’re looking in the wrong places. Many people assume that a passion needs to be a creative pursuit, but that’s not true. Rather, a passion is any activity that gives you profound joy. It could be a field of study or a sport, an activity or indeed an art.

Others assume that you need to have one, true passion, but that’s not true for everyone. Lots of people are multi-passionates, or “scanners”. They have multiple, changing passions throughout their lives. These are still completely valid passions though.

If you need more help with identifying yours, consider booking a Find Your Passion session with me. It’s worth knowing what you should prioritise in your life, knowing what is guaranteed to bring you joy independent of your job, relationship and other “outside” factors.