Can You Endure Happiness?



Whenever I bring up this subject, people are incredulous. “Give me happiness, I’ll endure it!” they laugh. In truth, nobody is happy most of the time, because how happy we feel is habitual. I’ve called it the “happiness thermostat” in the past.

T. Harv Eker teaches something similar in terms of money. There’s a reason why 98% of lottery winners end up broke. They’re not stupid; they just don’t have their financial thermostat set to wealth.

Your mission is to learn how to increase your happiness capacity.

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Task 1: Determine your happiness level


Remember a time when you were intensely happy. Maybe you fell in love with the partner of your dreams or you got a great job. Try and tap into the actual feelings of happiness then.

Then try and remember how long these feelings lasted. You may still be happy in your relationship years later, and that’s great. But maybe something else went wrong in your life in the meantime?

Be very honest with yourself and determine how much of your time you spend happy, sad, indifferent, depressed, moody, content…

Task 2: Escape the tyranny of positivity


I’ve talked about the tyranny of positive thinking before. It’s not a matter of never feeling any anger, sadness or disappointment. These things are part of life.

We’re talking about a habitual state of mind here, which is much harder to pin down. You need to observe yourself, so this task goes beyond the video. Be sure to notice, but not judge when you feel bad.

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Task 3: Steps to increase your happiness capacity


Now you’ve got an idea on your own happiness level, here are some steps to increase it:

  • Read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Use his affirmation every day.
  • “Check in” three times a day, and consciously remind yourself of what’s good in life. Set reminders on your phone.
  • Establish a morning routine to set yourself up for a happy day.
  • Practice gratitude.