The Real Reason Why You’re Exhausted



My clients are as diverse as the passions that light them up. And yet, the majority of them fights exhaustion – they’re just tired all the time.

I remember feeling like this myself, and there were a few rather solid, physical reasons for it. But the underlying bigger reason is more important, and I’d like to share my insights about this with you.

Your mission: Kick exhaustion to the curb and feel full of energy.

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Task 1: Exclude the other root causes


Before I get to “the big one”, I’d like to make sure there’s not something more mundane and obvious going on here. Lack of energy may be caused by:

  • Lack of sleep. Here’s a TED talk about how much more serious this is than we tend to think.
  • Lack of nutrition. When I lived mostly off junk foods, I was eating rather too much, but mostly empty calories. And I was tired all the time.
  • Some other medical reason. Don’t skip your medical check-ups to make sure you’re not overlooking something.


All of these can usually be fixed rather easily. This is the most basic form of self care and you deserve it.

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Task 2: Exhausted no more


If your basic physical needs are met and you’re still tired all the time, you may be suffering from modern times. Yes, I just made that up, but bear with me, I have a point.

I’ve said before that we’re busier than we’ve ever been in history. There are more different things fighting for our attention than ever before. Distractions abound. At the same time, we have the sole responsibility not just for ourselves, but often also for our families.

And you wonder why you’re tired?

The remedy is to simplify:

  • Look at your life and cut out everything that isn’t essential. Leave in the passions and the people you love, and as much of your income source as you need.
  • Find ways to get help in stressful areas of your life (hire an assistant, or a cleaner. I promise you, it’s life changing).
  • Take up self-care routines, like the morning routines I talked about a few weeks ago, and/or a daily meditation practice of 10 or 15 minutes.