The Great Wild Spirits Exhibition

27. April 2020

In times of social distancing, Wild Spirits do what they do best: Prioritise their passion(s)! Our answer to dark times is to share what lights us up. Most of us aren’t pros (some are), but what we all have in common is the joy of our passion(s).

Tracey Lee Cassin, New Zealand: A Talk About Passion



This video really speaks for itself. Passions, a poem, and as a bonus, you see Tracey’s gorgeous artwork in the background! You can find more of it here.

Christiane Hayes, UK: The Powerful Me Oracle Deck



Christiane’s a tarot reader and all around brilliant. She’s also a creator of Tarot and Oracle card decks – check out the Powerful Me Oracle Cards! You can read more on the website here.

Elisabete Antunes, Luxembourg: Ode To My Grandmother (dance)



A hypnotisingly beautiful dance of love by professional dancer Lisy. It’s an ode to Lisy’s deceased grandmother – more about this here.

Helena Vičič, Slovenia: The magic vegetable garden



Like many of us, Helena is a multi-passionate. She decided to show us pictures of a relatively newly discovered passion: growing vegetables! Helena’s also a gifted photographer, just look at that green popping out from the pictures. Gorgeous!

Brendan Griffin, Ireland: Before The Bridge (story)


I shudder awake. My chest paralysed. Is this my last breath? My heart pounds. Vision narrows. I throw legs off the edge of the bed and they crash to the floor breaking the claw like grip that holds me. A gulped breath. I shiver. The tangled bedclothes are soaked in sweat. Cold earth grounds me. I look at the quivering shadow on the wall in front of me. Its movements echo mine as I huddle against the cold.

The room has no windows, a bare cellar. The light is a luxury; I turn and quench it. My path to the door is familiar, so I shrug free of cloying sheets and shuffle over. Outside, the first blush of dawn brightens the broken walls of the building where I live, a jagged horizon that greets me every day. Birdsong nearby. Some days I sit and wait for them, but they never appear. Beyond it the dull thrum of a city coming awake.

I return inside and wash in a basin of water I gathered yesterday. The rough razor scrapes my jaw clean. I do not cut myself. That is something. I drink a deep draught of water from the bottle I keep by my bed. It courses through me, better than food, dispelling my hunger. I slump on the edge of my bed, head in hands. How much longer can I survive this?

It must be today. [continue reading]

Brendan is a writer of the kind of stories that are hard to put down. There wasn’t room for the 2-page excerpt here, so click “continue reading” and you’ll see the rest of it!

Annika Hartke, Germany: All I Ask (Adele cover)



Now here’s another pro. Annika singing Adele’s “All I Ask” gives me goosebumps every time. Be sure to turn up the volume, it’s amazing! Here’s Annika’s YouTube channel.

Linda Ursin, Norway: Three paintings



Linda is another multi-passionate and one of her passions is art. She creates bautiful paintings mostly inspired by nature and mythology. For more art and other info click here.

Liz White, Ireland: A passion for horses and music



Liz is all about her horses, and if you take one look at how good she and her Jamie look together, you’ll understand why! But she’s also got a passion for music, and this violin was too beautiful not to include.

Inge Dedeyne, Belgium: Nature photography



Inge is another multi-passionate, but one thing she’s always done is take beautiful photographs! Here are three samples – click them to see a larger version, they really are gorgeous.

Bren from brenworks, Ireland: Hand-made greeting cards



I’ve watched Bren creating recycled paper by hand. It’s beautiful, environmentally friendly, and forms the basis of these hand-crafted cards. Tangible love.

Sibylle Leon, Croatia: Dancing



And this is multi-passionate me, demonstrating that you don’t need to be a pro to prioritise a passion. I never studied it, but I’ve been dancing all my life!

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