What Do You Fail At?



I used to be really bad at sports in school. Every time we made teams for something, I was the last to be picked. I was clumsy, uncoordinated and inflexible. Unsurprisingly, it was my least favourite subject.

It took me decades to overcome the shame and feeling of failure and realise that I could be good at physical exercise. School had never taught me how, so I had to discover it for myself. Today I’ll share this insight with you.

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1. Task: What are you bad at?


Almost everyone has something they refuse to even try because they know from experience that they’re bad at it. Your task is to determine what that thing is for you (it could be more than one as well).

Can’t dance to save your life? Are you rubbish at scheduling and managing your time? Or your money? Bad at driving? Find at least one thing you avoid because you fail at it.

What do you fail at?
Photo by Brooke Lark on unsplash.com


2. Task: Once more with passion


The secret that allowed me to find I could be good at sports, is passion. I found physical exercise I loved, and that motivated me to get fit. I don’t even have to kick myself to work out every morning, because I know I’ll need shoulder and back muscles to do archery, and I need endurance to dance.

A friend of mine started to enjoy cooking when she became passionate about her health. She used to hate cooking, but creating foods that make her feel radiant and taste good, was suffient incentive to start learning.

Find something about the thing you fail, that you’re passionate about (or something related to it). Once you’ve got your passion-fuelled “Why”, you’ll easily have the energy to get past any initial failure and spark you into sticking with it until you get proficient.