Are You Truly Fearless?



Some people’s fears are easily identified: Fear of public speaking. Fear of going out on one’s own. Fear of the dark.

Others tell me they’re completely fearless. I say that’s not true, and I’ll explain why I think so.

Your mission today is to identify where your fears are, and how to make them work for you.

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Task 1: Recognise your fear


Psychologists are fond of pointing out that if anyone were truly fearless, they’d probably be dead. Fear is what prevents us from eating an unfamiliar berry or mushroom we find in the forest. This is exactly the function of fears: Survival.

Some fears are hidden. To find yours, see what you don’t do as much of as others, or what areas in your life aren’t going so well.

You may think you’re not afraid of other people, but you avoid going out and don’t speak to strangers unless you have to. I didn’t think I had a fear of visibility, but my lack of consistency in marketing my business told a different story.

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Task 2: Instead of fearless, become fear-savvy


Once you have pinpointed your fear – and trust me, every one of us has at least one – you have a choice. You could go into therapy and work extensively on overcoming your fear. Or you could use it to your advantage.

When I found my own fear of visibility, I used it by opening up. I made myself vulnerable and shared more about my own weaknesses, the mistakes I’d made in my life etc. Funnily enough, these were always my most-read or watched features. People recognise authenticity, and they appreciate it. I became more visible and successful, and felt more secure at the same time.

This process looks different for everyone. Be creative! If necessary, get help from a Coach. Who needs to be fearless, when fear is such a powerful force to work with?