From Focus To Priority in 4 Steps



A friend told me: “I love what you’re doing, Sibylle. And I’m already placing so much more focus on my music and making more time for it.” This is great, of course! It’s always a good thing to do more of what lights you up.

However, what I Coach people about goes a lot further. It’s about putting yourself first, to actually prioritise passion.

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First things first


It takes courage to truly put your passion front and centre. Some argue that making a living is more important, but in reality, it’s important only insofar as it ensures your survival and security. Others say your loved ones take priority, and this is something society’s expectations seem to confirm, especially when it comes to children.

In my opinion, passions still need to take the first priority. I’m not suggesting you neglect your job or your loved ones. What I’m saying is that you can only show up for them as your best self if you’re nourished and complete. The fastest way to achieve this is by prioritising that which lights you up.

A shift in your mindset


A common misconception is to think that in order to prioritise passion(s), it has to be your source of income as well. In fact, it’s not necessary to do what lights you up all day. You can pursue your passion part time, but with a full-time attitude.

What this requires is a shift in mindset. This shift needs to be followed by concrete action, but the mindset comes first.

prioritse passion

Four steps to prioritise passion


  1. Get a calendar, like the one on your smartphone.
  2. Block off the “inflexible” parts of your schedule, like work hours and commitments.
  3. Now block off generous amounts of time for your passion(s).
  4. Next comes quality time with your loved ones, like date nights or family outings.

Try this and notice the shift it causes in your happiness. It’s worth sticking with if you’re serious about living a life of joy and purpose.