What Would You Do For Free?



In a workshop I attended recently, I was confronted with an intriguing idea. Rather than “working on what brings you money”, the trainer told us to make money doing what we’d do for free.

What a shift in thinking! I was brought up with the belief that you need to earn money doing a job that’s in demand. You know, a serious job in an office! I also grew up with the belief that people who work on what they love, end up broke.

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Doing it for free?


First of all: No, you don’t have to earn your living with your passion. You can put it front and centre in any number of other ways. But if you do want to make money with it, then it’s definitely possible.

To do this, you need to get over the idea that you can’t charge for your work just because you love doing it. This belief goes back to the kind of childhood conditioning I mentioned in the beginning. What nonsense!

You deserve to live in abundance. Above all, you deserve to be paid for your work, your training, your time, everything you’ve put into the product or service you’re selling. It’s definitely worth the money.

What would you do for free?
Photo by Rosie Kerr on unsplash.com

A different perspective


Another point is that your work will be valued more if you charge appropriately. A colleague of mine doubled her Coaching rates. While she lost a few clients, the ones who still signed up with her, were so much more committed that their results skyrocketed.

People will take you seriously if you take yourself seriously, as well as your work. One way of showing your self-worth is by the price tag you put on your work. Value is also expressed in money in this day and age, it’s a simple fact of life.