Pursuing Your Passion: From Intention To Action



Someone wise once said: “Nothing’s as far as the path from good intentions to a good deed.” We’re all familiar with this, aren’t we?

Although we often cite a lack of time or money, the real reasons why we don’t pursue our passions as much as we’d like to, lie within. Today’s mission is to get from intention to action.

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Task 1: Create the right conditions


Waiting for the conditions to be just right will have you waiting for a very long time. If you’re serious about prioritising your passion, you need to create favourable conditions and set yourself up for success.

Barring an actual emergency, many situations can be planned for. Let’s look at what can stand in your way and how to prevent it:

  • You’re exhausted – Ruthlessly insist on your sleep, breaks and downtime.
  • You’re unwell or ill – Take the time to heal. If you’re chronically ill, learn how this affects you and work with it.
  • You’re broke – Take the Wild Money program. Read books about personal finance. Budget for your passion.
  • Your partner/boss doesn’t respect boundaries – Be firm. Allow them the same courtesy. Plan in quality time with your loved ones. Look for a new job.


Task 2: From intention to action


Now that you’ve set yourself up for action, you need to get going. Immediately after watching this video, do 10 minutes of what lights you up.

Set your daily minimum for pursuing your passion (again, 10 minutes is fine!). Also set your desired time spent, such as an hour or two. If you’re tired or busy, look at Task 1 but also spend your minimum time on your passion.

The important thing is to stop any further planning and actually take the first step right now. Follow it up with daily actions to form a habit that will get you from intention to action.