3 Ways To Gain Control Over Your Life



Have you ever felt out of control? A lot of women feel that way when they just had a baby. Or maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to do for ages, but never got started on.

I’d like to show you three ways to take back the reins and gain control over your life.

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1. Sort the wheat from the chaff


Take a good look at your life and simplify as much as you can. If you feel out of control, chances are you have too much going on anyway, so chuck everything that’s not absolutely vital.

Club memberships, social obligations, “friends” that have long turned into a drain on your energy – it’s time to break it off. You’re not responsible for other people’s happiness; your priority is you, and then your loved ones, in that order.

2. The magic of action


Marie Forleo always says that clarity doesn’t come from thought, it comes from action. Action is the big secret if you want to gain control.

It’s not true that you don’t have an alternative. Don’t resign yourself to it if you, for example, don’t find a new job immediately. Keep looking, network, look for courses you could take to acquire new skills, never stop applying for different roles.

Control your life
Photo by rawpixel on unsplash.com

3. Control your life


If there really is no way to take action where you need it right now, then take action in another area of life. Look at your health and your relationships, for example.

The key is doing, rather than just being inactive. Just one caution: Aimless “busy work” just for the sake of it, doesn’t cut it. Action needs to be meaningful and lead to a specific end.

Remember, it’s your life, you pull the strings. It’s not true that you “can’t” change things, you’re choosing not to – for a good reason, perhaps, but it’s still you who chooses.