3 Ways To Get Unstuck, Fast



Life is cyclical in nature, so it’s natural to have times when things just aren’t happening as fast as we’d like them to. But when it gets too much, or lasts too long, there are things you can do to break yourself out of this state and get unstuck.

Where in your life are you stuck? If nowhere, just take note of this process for future reference. Otherwise, write down the particulars of your situation.

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Task 1: Stop pushing, start listening


It seems counter-intuitive, but if you’ve been trying hard without success, it may not be all that useful to just keep pushing for the breakthrough.

Instead, take a break and a deep breath. Check what else is amiss, the less obvious stuff. Are you ok and cared for?

If you’ve been obsession over finding the solution, letting go can bring the breakthrough. As they say, when one door closes, another opens – and sometimes the window is open a crack, too.

Task 2: Change of location, change of energy


If you’re stuck in a task, a physical change can shift the energy and with it your thoughts, from one moment to the next. Get up and walk up and down, or dance to your favourite song. Suddenly the answer can pop into your head.

A block that lasts for weeks or months, needs a bigger push such as a geographical change. Take a trip this weekend to get unstuck, or if you can’t afford it, at least drive somewhere. See something different. Air out your head, so to speak, and see what comes up.

Get unstuck
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Task 3: Take action


Often, when we feel stuck we don’t feel like doing anything. Mindless activity is bad, but action with intention can bring you clarity faster than anything else.

Even if you’re unsure how exactly to get unstuck, take the first steps. You’ll know immediately if you’re on the right path.