Turn Your Weakness Into Your Greatest Strength


I’m a highly-sensitive extrovert, a fairly rare combination. When I was a child, these things weren’t known, and so my over-emotional “loudness” was often criticised.

This continued when I was an adult and working in the corporate world: Whenever I let the real, emotional me show, I was told I was being unprofessional. I felt wrong, stupid, out of place.

Fast-forward to my work as a Coach a few years later, and it turns out my strong emotions, passion and enthusiasm are suddenly my greatest strength. It’s what makes me good at what I do.

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The uncomfortable part


Your so-called weakness can be your greatest strength in a different context. To find yours, I invite you to do something uncomfortable: Examine your critics’ words and see if there’s a kernel of truth in them.

Warning: This is not about letting abuse or gaslighting get to you. Look at what people who love you have said to you in the past. See if any of it keeps coming up, and whether it’s something you actually do or a trait you truly posses.

Acknowledge and own it.

turn weakness into strength
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on unsplash.com

Turn it around


Now examine this trait or behaviour and in your mind, experiment by putting it in different contexts. Imagine a different work environment, different people and relationships. Change as many parameters as you can think of and ask yourself: “Is there a scenario or environment where this could be an asset, rather than a liability?”

If you’re honest with yourself and really get to the bottom of it, you can get powerful hints as to your purpose in life. This exercise can show you where you’re meant to be, where your unique gifts are best suited.

Above anything else, it’ll make you feel great about yourself and you deserve to feel that way.