Stop Missing The No. 1 Happiness Factor



It sounds so easy. We pursue our goals, we achieve them, and then we’re happy. Right?

In reality, you may have noticed that after you achieve or get something you’ve really wanted, you’ll indeed be very happy, but after a while you return to your normal mood.

It’s a little-known fact that capacity for happiness needs to be learned and practised. The simplest happiness factor is also the most-overlooked: It’s feeling good.

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1. Task: The Check-in


Well-being comes in two forms, physical and emotional/mental. It sounds rather basic, but in fact few people are really tuned into the way their body feels.

To establish a connection, sit comfortably, breathe, drop your shoulders. Then ask yourself how you feel, physically. Are you happy? Tense? Excited? Full of energy or maybe tired?

All you have to do is notice it.

2. Task: Make yourself comfortable


We say it to our house guests, but now your task is to quite literally make yourself comfortable. Do you need anything? A cup of tea, a blanket, a treat? Maybe you need to get up, stretch, and walk up and down a bit to get your energy going?

Whatever you need to do to increase your comfort, do it. Remember it’s a vital happiness factor.

Happiness Factor
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3. Task: Where in your life are you unwell?


Now look beyond your physical needs. Where aren’t you comfortable in the figurative sense? Your task is to do one thing to feel better. It might be a clarifying talk with a loved one or a small change you’ve been wanting to suggest in your job.

This last task obviously takes you beyond the time it takes to watch/read this feature. I suggest you take action right afterwards! Don’t wait until the evening or tomorrow, or you’ll forget. Pay attention to this happiness factor; you deserve to be good.