What If There Were No Money?



Most people associate money with stress. When I mention that I equal money with wild joy and passion, they don’t quite know how to imagine this – other than assuming I must be rich!

In reality, all I do differently is that I have a playful approach to money that takes out the stress and makes me (and my clients) want to spend time with it. One of those ways is “what if” scenarios. They can give you enormous clarity, because getting money is no use if you don’t know what you truly want.

Your mission is to gain clarity and align your approach to money with your wishes and needs.

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Task 1: If there were no money


This task is a visualisation exercise, or rather, an intuitive brainstorm. To do it, I need you to get comfortable, switch off all distractions for a few minutes and take a couple of deep, slow, relaxing breaths.

Now imagine a world where nobody needs to work for money. There simply is no money. Everything you need or could possibly want is at your fingertips.

Obviously, you’d take a long holiday and enjoy every luxury. That’s great! Now think long-term: What would you do in your everyday life? How would you pursue your passions? How would you interact with others, what would you do when you’re on your own? Etc.

Also answer the most important question: How would it feel to live like this?

if there were no money
Photo by Bianca Castillo on unsplash.com


Task 2: Recreate the feeling


Hold on to the feeling you had in your visualisation. Write it down, make sure you won’t forget it.

Ask yourself what would have to happen to recreate that feeling in your life. How could you incorporate it? What would you have to do differently? How much money would you need for it?

A simple question to make future money decisions a breeze is: Does this purchase resonate with this feeling I wish to achieve? Act accordingly.