Are You In Limbo? Here’s How To Get Out



Preparing for the big leap of giving up my daytime job and making my business my living, I was working all hours. I hadn’t been to the woods for archery in weeks.

These things happen, and they’re ok, as long as they’re temporary. But often we’ve got a dream, a plan, a passion, and it just isn’t happening. The circumstances aren’t right, we keep putting it off and exist in limbo.

Limbo is not meant to be a permanent state. Anything over, say, three months, and you need to snap yourself out of it. Here’s how.

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Task 1: Come clean


Take stock and be brutally honest. Do you really have “no time” or do you just like to spend a couple hours a day on Netflix? Are you really “completely broke”, or could you work in a cafe one evening a week to earn extra cash?

Also realise that circumstances will never be right. If you’re waiting for the universe to send you an invite, you’ll still be waiting ten years from now. Make a decision to get going right now.

Task 2: Beat the overwhelm


There’s something comforting about limbo. You can’t fail if you’re not doing anything, after all.

It can be overwhelming to try and think where you’ll even start! Therefore, structure your goal by doing the following:

  • Brainstorm every last task you’ll have to do.
  • Sort out what needs to be done a) at first, b) soon, c) mid-term, d) long-term

Once it’s in writing, it’ll seem a lot less daunting.

in limbo
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Task 3: In limbo no more


This is where it gets hard. When we’re in limbo, we hate action. Planning is fine, “tomorrow” is fine, but now? Today? Nah.

Trick yourself by scheduling one task you listed under “at first” for today. The next you put in your calendar for next week. And then the third, two days after that.

Give yourself permission to start slowly, because hey! Yesterday, you weren’t going to start at all. It’s not failure, it’s success, and brilliant. Keep going.