Create Your Future Or “Live In The Moment”?



I often emphasise how important goals are. Studies have shown that only about 2% of the population have written goals which they review regularly, and these are consistently the happiest people. But I’ve also said that you need to live in the moment.

Aren’t these two things mutually exclusive?

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Now is the only reality there is


By their natue, goals are future-oriented. A goal is something you wish to achieve at some point in the future. The danger with this is that it could seduce you into spending too much thought and mental energy on something which hasn’t happened yet.

Some people never achieve happiness because each goal they achieve only makes them happy for a short time. They have trained themselves to project happiness into the future instead of the present.

A question of balance


My recommendation is to spend some time every month to review your goals, and leave it at that. Besides, part of these reviews should be determining which steps you can take right now – and that brings you right back to the present moment.

Ask yourself what you can do now – today – to make your future goal happen? You can’t take action yesterday or tomorrow, only today.

In the moment
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Return to the moment


Taking action is vital if you wish to achieve any goal, but that’s only half of it. The other half is aligning yourself energetically:

Find out your Why behind every goal. What actual feeling or emotion will you feel when you’ve achieved it? Once you have pinpointed this emotional state, try to emulate it today.

Every day, match the vibration of your goal by matching your emotions to the kind of happiness and fulfillment you wish to feel upon reaching your goal. This allows you to plan ahead, whilst spending your energy in the moment, the here and now.