Are Joy And Money Mutually exclusive?



There was a time in my life when I was paying back debts through a demanding job, working all hours. I got it done, but never had time for friends or fun. Then afterwards, I fell into the opposite extreme and pursued my passions to the exclusion of everything else, including money.

Talking to my Coach, I realised that I was holding a belief that I can either be joyful and broke, or doing well financially whilst being unhappy. I overcame this belief but I’ve since noticed that it seems to be rather common in my own Coaching clients as well.

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Why this is a problem


This belief is a problem because it makes us feel like we have to make a decision between joy and money, like we can’t pursue our passion and have financial stability. Then there are the artists and crafters who feel guilty charging what their work is worth, just because they had fun creating it.

Worse: If you view joy and money as mutually exclusive, you’ll always experience lack, because it’s an either/or mindset which is based on scarcity. Either/or beliefs falsely assume correlations where there are none.

healing joy and money
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Healing your Joy and Money relationship


To heal this, go and find examples of people who have found both money and joy (you need to do this by yourself, but to get started, try googling the story of Oprah or J.K. Rowling). Also find people closer to yourself who live from their passion, be it artists, crafters or musicians.

Realise the truth that in fact, joy and money are related and nourish each other. Which is why you can joyfully charge for your art or services which you provide with all your heart and all your joy. From the joy flows energy, and money is just another form of energy.