Create Your Legacy



As a multipassionate, I used to have trouble deciding on what to do with my life. I seemed to drift from one thing to the next, never truly settling for anything. I come across this dilemma with many of my clients as well, especially the multipassionates.

Stephen Covey recommends to “Begin with the end in mind” when you create your legacy. He suggests to put into writing what you’d like people to say about you at your funeral, in a eulogy. I remember learning a similar exercise in my Coaching studies.

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Why think about a legacy?


Life’s full of distraction. There are books and media, movies and TV programme, hobbies, friends… And of course, work and family are enough to fill every hour of every day in and of themselves.

The issue with this is that “busy” doesn’t necessarily imply doing anything meaningful. Often enough, we’re just wasting time with, well, busy work, instead of working on leaving the world a better place. What you should be doing is create your legacy.


Finding your “Thing”


I recommend you take some time to actually write down your thoughts on this. It might seem a little morbid to you to think of your funeral, so if you like, call it the impact you’d like to make on this world in your life.

If you’re still having trouble, find out what people already say about you. Ask five of your closest friends what they think your “thing” is. Ask yourself if you’re happy with their answers, and if you aren’t, it’s time to make changes.

Clarity comes first. It acts like a compass in the midst of life’s distractions, and it’ll take you back, time and time again, to what really matters and the legacy you’d like to leave behind.