3 Things You Need To Let Go Of (For A Life Of Passion & Purpose)



When I talk about creating a life of passion and purpose, people are quick to list what they would need. It’s natural: We think in terms of what we’re missing.

What if you shifted your thoughts towards what you need to lose? It’s a whole new perspective: instead of acquiring something, lose what stands in the way of the joy, passion and purpose you already have inside.

Your misson today is to learn 3 things you need to let go of for a life of passion and purpose.

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Things you need to let go of #1: The need to be busy


This is the scourge of our time. Nothing makes people more nervous than not doing anything.

When you do nothing, you meet yourself. Let go of the need to “do” something! You could learn meditation, stop using digital devices after 9 pm, or sit still for 10 minutes every day.

Things you need to let go of #2: Passions as an afterthought


I’m all about pursuing passions, but not just making time for what lights you up. It’s about a shift in your thinking, towards making your passion(s) a priority. That means it’s more important than other things.

Sounds simple? Try and put it into practice. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that you constantly put other things first. You need to radically say “no” to some things to say “yes” to your passion.

let go

Things you need to let go of #3: Not taking breaks


This is related to the first point: If you constantly need to be busy, chances are you’re also working too much. But you can even burn out from your passion if you overdo it. The key is balance.

Consciously remove yourself from your work, family, and passion at regular intervals. Rest, nap, put up your feet. Be “lazy”. It’s not wasted time or being unproductive, it’s making sure that you can continue to show up at your best.