Make Changes In Easy Mode



My Coaching clients book me because they want to change something. However, even they sometimes resist taking the obvious next steps. And if people who have the will to make changes, who’ve paid someone to help them change, can resist it, how hard must it be for everyone else?

In fact, change can be inspiring and breathe new interest into almost every area of your life. Happily, it needn’t be scary either.

Your mission is to learn where exactly you need to change, and how to go about it.

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Task 1: Distinguish between being and doing


Relationships usually go downhill when one partner starts trying to change the other. Nobody likes to feel they aren’t good enough the way they are.

The good news is, you are good enough and you needn’t change at all! Isn’t that a relief?

What you do when you wish to make changes is focus on your behaviour. This goes for relationships as well as any other area in life: We’re afraid of change because it seems to threaten the way we are, when in fact, we only need to change some things we do – and that’s achievable.

Task 2: Find out what you want to change


To do this task, I really recommend pausing this video for ten minutes and doing the free Life Audit. It’ll give you an excellent idea of what area of your life you need to make changes in: Health, Finances, Job/Business, Relationships, Spirituality, Passions.

Once you’ve identified an area, drill down into exactly what you’d like to be different. Be as specific as possible and write down two or three bullet points.

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Task 3: Make changes – the right way


Now that you have your desired changes black on white in front of you, determine the actions you need to take to achieve them.

Be very specific. Again, this is something you may need to pause the video for. Write down one to three actions, but don’t overwhelm yourself. You can always determine further steps later.

Begin changing your actions today. Don’t put it off. Do one thing differently. Keep doing this; you’ll come up against your own inner resistance, so plan ahead and set yourself reminders on your phone.

Changing your actions will change your outcomes. It really is as simple, and as difficult, as that.