How To Make Good Choices

There’s a book by Brian Klemmer titled “If How Tos Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich And Happy”. He has a point – experts might argue about the details, but we all have at least a rough idea of what foods are good for you, that exercise is important, and that we need to save money in order to be wealthy. Many of us have at times entered into relationships that weren’t good for us, and we knew they weren’t, but we did it anyway.

Yet I titled this article “How To”. I did it because I don’t intend to write about what foods to eat, what exercise to take up, or what choices to make in other parts of your life. There’s no need to write about these things because frankly, we all KNOW, don’t we? Knowledge is not the problem. The problem is, at least sometimes, putting that knowledge into practice – or stopping ourselves from acting in way that are bad for us, although we know better.

It’s one of the areas where Coaching shines. That’s because of its powerful, transformative tools and the way a Coach will hold you accountable from one session to the next. These things make it much easier to truly change one’s ways, to establish new habits and stick with them in the long term.

An article can’t possibly provide these things, but I’m going to try and give you a few things you can work on if you so choose. They will make it easier to do the things which are good for you in the future.

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