2 Ways To Find Money For Your Passion



When I ask people why they don’t prioritise their passion more, the most frequent reply is: “Because I have no time,” followed by: “I don’t have the money for it.” Passions may be costly in terms of supplies or tuition, travel, or simply because time is indeed money to an extent and you need to be able to spare the money you could earn in the time you’re spending on your passion.

Your mission today is to learn two ways to find money for your passion.

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Task 1: Your true priorities


There are several reasons why I always talk about priority when I mention passions. Merely making more time for a passion is not going to cause the same transformation as actually prioritising it.

One of the things that shift is your finances. When you look at your spendings in the past month, you’ll notice what your true priorities are:

  • A big chunk will be living costs (rent/mortgage, food etc)
  • There will likely be distractions (subscriptions, impulse purchases, consumer goods)
  • Hopefully there’ll be investments
  • And there should be money for passions.

To free up money for the latter, you need to cut down on the distractions. It won’t feel like deprivation, because the more you focus on what lights you up, the less you need distractions.

In other words: Your task is to stop buying stuff!

money for your passion
Photo by Anny Spratt on unsplash.com


Task 2: Allocate money for your passion


If you don’t work with budgets yet, it’s time to get going. If you need any help with this, reach out. For a more thorough rework of your finances including your money mindset, check out Wild Money.

Basically, now that you know your spendings, you allocate percentages to it. Necessities, savings, gifts, etc. And 5-10 percent – depending on how much you earn – should be your passions budget.

Something happens when you consciously allocate money to something: it becomes important. It feels real and shows that you’re taking your passion seriously.