Where Do You Stand On Your Money Journey?



You’ve probably heard the story of when I went broke many years ago. It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, but it was also a blessing: It forced me to educate myself about finances.

Your mission today is to find out where you stand on the universal “money journey” and what you need to learn next in order to uplevel your money game.

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Starting point: Clueless


If I asked you what your net worth is, you’d go: “Err…!” Or if I asked you about your fixed monthly expenses, or the average of your variable expenses over the past six months, you wouldn’t know the answer.

Is this you? Then you’re at the beginning of your money journey. Don’t worry, people of all ages find themselves at that stage! The important thing is that you’ll start learning, fast. You either rule money or money will forever rule you.

Stopover: Nuts and bolts


At this stage, you’ve got a budget. There are many different ways of budgeting, but you’ll have some system in place, with envelopes, accounts, or “jars” for different types of expenses and savings. You’re managing your money.

At this stage, your task is twofold: To keep upping your game, learn about passive income and multiple income streams as well as financial freedom, and to graduate to the final stop.

money journey
Photo by Denis Chick on unsplash.com


Destination: Money mindset


How many gurus have you seen online who promise you riches if only you get your mindset right? One thing is true: You can’t achieve lasting financial security or freedom by without an abundance mindset.

However, in order to get to the destination, you need to learn the journey first. Without actual money management, your mindset won’t make you financially free. Both are required.

Your task at this level is to keep raising the limit of your abundance, by visiting workshops and courses and reading books on money and wealth.