Can – And Should – You Feel Motivated Every Day?



Some years ago, I discovered the power of centering my life around my passions. I felt more inspired and motivated than ever, and I was outrageously happy.

These days, whenever I’m not quite feeling it and elect to have a cosy day at home, some people smirk a little. “What happened to your joy and passion?” they ask, implying that because I’ve figured out the secret to happiness, I should be happy pretty much permanently.

Your mission is to learn why you can’t – and shouldn’t! – be motivated every day, and how to maximise your happiness.

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Task 1: Motivated every day?


It’s a myth that some people are feeling great all the time. Unfortunately, this myth is widely believed. Along with it goes a feeling of failure whenever we’re not super motivated and inspired.

You’re human. Experiencing every human emotion, even feeling tired and unmotivated, isn’t a failure, it’s part of the package. Even understanding this, it can be hard not to feel bad about, well, feeling bad sometimes. Consciously practice letting yourself off the hook.

Nobody is motivated every day. That’s a good thing, in a way, because we all need breaks and rest, too. Listen to your needs and fulfil them as much as you can.

motivated every day

Task 2: Maximise your joy and happiness


You can’t always be on your top game, but you can certainly maximise the time you feel great. Here are three ways to do that:

Plan for regular downtime. Don’t wait until you run out of motivation. You can burn out on your passions, too! Therefore, plan regular time for self-care and time for rest.

Make your passions accessible. Don’t keep your crafting materials on the upper shelf or your workout things in the attic – have them handy and prioritise your passions-time.

Keep your passions fresh. Regularly try new things or do courses, and connect with others. Even the greatest passion can get stale if you never vary your approach.