Never Skip Self Care Again



I once heard a colleage say that Self Care includes things like maintaining a positive mindset, or exercising and eating healthy. I agree that these things are all acts of caring for the self and they’re great. However, I’d argue against sub-summarising absolutely everything under the “Self Care” label.

In my opinion, it’s far better to limit the expression to activities which are fun. Self Care shouldn’t be just another thing you check off your to-do list. It shouldn’t be another chore.

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Make it feel naughty


One great way of making Self Care fun again is to make it feel a little naughty. Remember the times as a child when you were stealing another cookie you weren’t supposed to be having? Or reading in bed after lights-out (I did a lot of that!)?

It may be a little silly but, so what? Silliness can add spice to what you’re doing. Flopping down on the couch with a book and a glass of vino while there’s housework to do, can make you feel like you’re skipping school. It also gives you a very real sense of putting your own needs first.

Self Care

Pretend to care for a friend


My Coach told me to approach my Self Care the way I’d care for a friend who’s going through a rough patch in life. She said to do the small, loving, kind things for myself that I’d happily do for a loved one.

It’s funny that we’re so much more likely to go all out caring for other people, and give ourselves so little. You’re someone you love, you’re someone who deserves being spoilt and looked after. So do it!

Remember: Self Care isn’t selfish, it’s about countering the energetic drain of the modern world.