“But I’m Not Unhappy!”



When I was stuck in limbo and withdrawal mode, I’d defensively claim that life was actually quite good. “I’m not unhappy,” I told myself.

Deep down, though, part of me lay dormant. My clients tell me similar things: that they have a happy relationship, a great family, a good job – and yet it’s like they’re burying part of themselves, the part that makes them joyful.

Joy through the people in our lives is wonderful and important. But it’s also crucial to find joy in ourselves, and the easiest way to access this is passion.

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Passion detective


If you’re in denial or avoidance mode, it can feel like you’re not really passionate about anything. To uncover your passion(s), ask yourself what you love, or used to love.

You may not come up with anything exciting, but if it’s something you enjoy, that’s a start. Try and pinpoint exactly what it is you like about it.
If you enjoy walks in the woods, it might be because they calm you. Or maybe you love plants and animals? Your answers can point you towards the thing or things you’re truly passionate about.

Photo by Bruce Mars on unsplash.com

Don’t settle for “not unhappy”


Simply getting by isn’t enough to show for when it comes to your life. This is your creation and what you’ll leave behind.

It’s so tempting to slide into the familiar, the comfortable. After all, everyone else is doing it! Society tells us a family, friends and a job are enough, but in truth, life has many different facets. There’s also personal fulfilment, creativity, passion and purpose.

Don’t give up and don’t give in. Be relentless in your pursuit of what lights you up. This is what’ll create the moments you’ll remember when you’re old – or the regrets you feel for not living your purpose.