Monday Sparkles: The One, Crucial Difference

Haven’t you wondered sometimes just why some people are happy/successful/wealthy/fulfilled and others aren’t? Of course, people are usually quick to come up with explanations, but to be quite honest, I don’t quite buy the majority of those. I’m sure you’ve heard them:

“The rich have it so much easier.”
“He’s incredibly lucky!”
“If I looked like that, I could do it too.”

The above factors play a role, but they’re never the whole story. There are plenty of rich people who are desperately unhappy and some who lose all their money and more. As for luck, that’s purely a matter of perception (studies have found that the majority of people have very similar numbers of positive and negative events in their lives). And looks are superficial and at best make a first impression easier and more favourable.

More to the point, there’s any number of people who weren’t born into privilege, went through the famous School of Hard Knocks, and aren’t particularly beautiful, and they still became what they choose to be, whether that’s happy or successful or rich, or all of the above. How do they get there?


The action factor

I’ve been studying personal development, excellence, and happiness long before I ever became a Coach, and in all these years I’ve seen over and over again one point which seems to make all the difference. That point is action.

People who make it, take action. In fact, they take consistent action. The place where I, and many others, tend to fall down is after the initial enthusiasm. I take the first step with determination, and then after a while I fall off the waggon. It’s a human weakness, and nearly everyone has experienced it in some form.

The few people who take action and stick with it, are the ones who make it to their goals. This is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Coaching after I signed up with my first Coach in 2004. I couldn’t believe the leaps and bounds I evolved in all of a sudden, and the amount of things I got done – and the profound happiness I experienced! Coaching absolutely transformed me and my life. Two years later, I decided that I wanted to give others the same revolutionary experience – and here I am.


“Just do it”

Action differntiates those who just read an article like the ones I send out in Monday Sparkles, and those who actually do the steps suggested in the articles. They are implementers. They take control. They’re the ones who are signing up for the free Wild and (Financially) Free training when it opened last week.

Conversely, it’s easy to spot those that won’t take action: They are the ones who complain they don’t have enough money to live their passions and create a life of joy, but when they are presented with a free training on gaining that money, they find an excuse not to do it. Or they sign up for it and then fail to implement every step into their lives.

I’m not pointing any fingers; I’ve been guilty of all of the above. As I said, it’s human nature. What you need to do is outsmart the pull of the status quo by finding a way to hold yourself accountable. Coaching does that (it’s one of its many benefits), and so does a buddy you regularly talk to and exchange ideas and inspiration with, or a mastermind group.

The truth is that your life won’t just change by chance. It can only change if you take responsibility and act. Make the decision now! Decide what you will change or implement in your life, and then find a support structure to do it. Take that first step, and set a reminder in your calendar, on your smartphone, on the door of your fridge, or wherever you’ll see it, to follow up with many more steps, consistently and continuously until you get to your goal.

You deserve all your dreams, but your input is required. What’s your decision going to be? Is this just another article you’ve read, or are you ready for the change? It’s up to you alone, but you don’t have to go the distance alone. Get support, read inspirational books, do workshops and online trainings. Maintaining the correct mindset is half the battle.

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