How To Instantly Get Out Of A Rut



Playing the piano is one of my main passions, and has been since I was 8. But there have been times – and it continues to happen – when I’m just uninspired.

Does that mean my passion is no longer my passion? Of course it doesn’t.

The truth is, just like love and friendships, jobs, projects, and everything else, passions go through phases and cycles and won’t feel equally exciting all the time.

Your mission is to learn how to get out of a rut, fast.

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Task 1: Find out if it’s just a phase


Most likely, there’s nothing wrong with your passion (or relationship, or project or whatever). You’ve just hit a bit of a plateau where things are ticking along but aren’t particularly exciting.

I’d like to invite you to take a closer look. Is this really all there is to it? There are situations when a passion doesn’t suit you anymore, when you’ve outgrown it. If that’s the case, then you should just drop it, instead of trying to rekindle your interest.

out of a rut
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Task 2: Inject the magic ingredient


I’ve teased it for long enough, haven’t I? The silver bullet I’m talking about, to get out of a rut and revive the spark in just about anything, is the power of the new.

If you’ve been working with the same group of people for a long time, the addition of someone new, even temporarily, might break it all wide open and give everyone a fresh, exciting perspective. If your passion feels stale, try doing something differently. Buy a new tool, try a new technique, or a new angle. Visit other people who share your passion. Take part in a workshop. The possibilities are endless.

At the piano, I’ll find a new piece to practise and fall in love with, or reach out to a friend to play something together. Instantly, everything feels new and the love and passion are back.

There’s magic in the new.