When The People Around You Just Don’t Get It



Years ago, long before I ever discovered Coaching, a good friend of mine trained to be a Coach. I’d just been made permanent in a job and for the first time in my life, felt the comfort of a regular salary.

She was gushing about being self-employed, while I was in a completely different place. We navigated the differences, but it often felt weird. At worst, this type of situation can feel like your environment is holding you back.

Your mission is to learn how to handle people who are in a different phase.

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Task 1: Understand life’s natural cycles


To start off with, it helps to realise that life is cyclical. The seasons follow each other; no tree blossoms all year around. Similarly, we go through phases of passion and joy, energy and enthusiasm, followed by quieter periods of “maintenance”. There are even periods where we’re distracted, where life just happens and demands our attention elsewhere.

Realise that the other person might not be in the same phase. This also helps you have more compassion with yourself when you’re less motivated. Your passion might require consistency, but don’t expect yourself to be equally motivated all the time. Simply develop the dedication needed to stick with it through the hard times.

When The People Around you Just Don't Get It
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Task 2: Sanitise your environment


At the same time, if someone around you is openly negative or ridicules you, it can seriously impact your progress and your happiness. Call it out in a non-confrontational way; tell them how their attitude makes you feel.

If nothing changes, you need, for your own sanity, remove yourself from their influence. If you can’t kick them out of your life altogether, create pockets of alone time for yourself where you can pursue your passion. Talk about other things; don’t confide in them concerning the phase you’re in.

Protect your space, but be understanding, too. We all walk our own paths.