It’s Not Perfect, But It’s Perfect For Now



When I had to move out of my rental house, I was torn between wanting to live in my favourite county and moving closer to where most of my friends live. A friend wisely pointed out that whatever my decision, it wouldn’t be set in stone.

“It could be perfect for now,” she said. She was right, and in the years since, I’ve found myself applying this wisdom to other areas, too.

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Deferred dreams


People love stories like mine: How I left a soulless job, started working from home and prioritising my passions. What they don’t want to hear about is the years when I still needed that soulless job to pay back dues.

Your dreams don’t have a sell-by date. There might be legitimate reasons for deferring them – just don’t make the mistake to postpone joy, too. Life might be perfect for now.

Perfect for now
Photo by Kelsey Chance

Find your “perfect for now”


Don’t stay unhappy and isolated until you can make the big break. No matter what your situation, there’s always something you can do. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

  • Pursue your passion in whatever way you can. Reach out to others or join an internet platform if you can’t manage to actually do what you love just yet.
  • Get Coaching, even and especially if you think you don’t have the time, headspace or money at the moment (that’s when it’s most crucial!).
  • Appreciate what’s “perfect for now” about your current situation. Not much time for your passion may mean more time for your kids while they’re young.
  • Set detailed goals for achieving your dream and prioritising your passion. Include steps you can do in your current situation. Keep reviewing and updating your goals.


You can always work towards building your life around your passions and purpose. Finding joy today will empower you to stick it out.